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Much like the touch-pad or mouse, the keyboard is an extension of your hands, an
input device that is synchronised with every finger movement. When we designed
the Prime P750DM's keyboard our objective was to create a real sensory
experience, one that truly built on the idea of the harmonisation between hand, finger
and key. The result is a keyboard with incredible precision. From the perfect anti-
wobble balance of every key, to the specially designed (Desktop Distance) travel on
every soft keystroke, the P750DM delivers a truly remarkable typing experience.

The P750DM keyboards state-of-the-art LED light array produces 256 incredibly
vibrant colours. Split into three distinct colour zones, each zone features a user-
selectable colour so that you can adapt each area to a specific task or taste. There
is also a high-tech illumination beam precisely positioned at the front-centre edge of
the laptop that can be tailored to any of the 256 colours. Giving you the unique
ability to personalise the P750DM precisely how you want it.
The Prime P750DM integrates a fully modular graphics card design that not only
provides the flexibility for future upgrades, but enables you to choose between a
range of the worlds fastest mobile graphics chips, giving you unprecedented 3D
performance. And at the centre of it are NVIDIA's top-of-the-line Maxwell 970M
and 980M graphics engines, that have been specially engineered in the Prime
P750DM to be utilised via a non-hybrid architecture. This means that you get
continuous and unrestricted access to the NVIDIA power-plant, at all times.
Better yet, NVIDIA's Maxwell design is so powerful this generation, that the
GTX 970M 6GB GDDR5 and GTX 980M 8GB GDDR5 are almost 30% faster
than the previous generation of equivalent models. So whether you're in the lounge
in the heat of an online FPS battle or in the animation lab rendering a new facial
expression, you will enjoy every frame with far greater speed, clarity and fluidity.

Not only is the Prime P750DM a remarkable gaming laptop, it is also designed to
be the worlds most advanced portable Workstation laptop. Engineered to take full
advantage of NVIDIA's specialised QUADRO range, the Prime P750DM features
three of NVDIA's most comprehensive QUADRO graphics chips. The M1000
2GB GDDR5, M3000 4GB GDDR5 and the worlds fastest M5000 8GB
GDDR5. Not only is the QUADRO range incredibly optimised for CAD
(Computer Aided Design), it is extraordinarily powerful for CUDA processing.
So this means you get to spend a lot less time waiting around for your 3D model
to render and more time on the task at hand.
When we developed the concept for the P750DM, we not only wanted it to be incredibly powerful on the inside, we wanted to match that power with incredible functionality.
That meant designing the internal structure to be compact, but uncompromising on each critical element. From the cooling, to the memory capacity, every millimetre has been
carefully utilised so that the P750DM can be as thin as it possibly can. The result is a laptop that despite it's phenomenal processing and graphical power, is remarkably thin.
Measuring a mere 3.57 cm from top to bottom, the P750DM is thinner than most high-end laptops with mobile processors, making it one incredible all-in-one device.
The Prime P750DM's range of displays, gives you the power to do
significantly more with far greater freedom. Every display option is
industry-leading, providing incredible clarity, colour-richness and
pixel-density. Choose from the worlds most advanced IPS and PLS
display panels, each with their own unique characteristics that are
tailored to ones specific requirements. Whether you're a
photographer with specific colour requirements, an engineer with high
resolution 3D models or a gamer that simply demands the very best
in-game realism, you will find a display that fits your lifestyle precisely.
SHARP IGZO Technology
The revolutionary Sharp 4K IGZO (Optional) display delivers colour
reproduction that is second to none, bringing unparalleled visual-fidelity
to professionals who demand the very best. The IGZO display is made
with artificially produced transparent crystalline oxide semiconductor
that Sharp is the first in the world to successfully mass produce. It is an
immense leap in the field of display technology and one of the most
advanced displays in the world.
When we designed the Prime P750DM, it was essential that we created a chassis that represented everything it stood for, a machine of incredible power.
That meant designing a laptop that was remarkably ergonomic, yet aesthetically cutting-edge. One that effortlessly combined the very essence of form
and function. The result is a beautifully balanced chassis with an exterior that has been strengthened by a stunning black-rubberised matte surface,
making it uniquely resistant to scratches, knocks and bumps. And with a unique velvety-soft texture for continuous comfort over long hours. The
back of the P750DM features a special curved angular vent design finished in a unique sepia tone, that smoothly ties together the arrow-inspired chassis.
Internally, from the screen to the base, every structural element has been carefully reinforced to completely remove body flex and provide the ultimate
rigidity. Together, all these elements come together to create a state-of-the-art machine that is ready for just about anything.
The thermal integrity of a laptop is the most vital element
in sustaining reliability and longevity, it lays the foundation
for the overall performance and quality of the laptop. When
we designed the most powerful 15.6" laptop in the world,
we needed to ensure that every key component operated
at optimal thermal efficiency, especially given how
powerful the CPU and Graphics Chip are. This meant
starting with a blank slate and completely redesigning a
new cooling system that is fully optimised to efficiently
extract the maximum amount of heat at any given point
in time. In order to achieve the very best heat conduction,
the Prime P750DM's heat-sink has been meticulously
engineered to transmit the maximum amount of heat
through a phenomenal 5 individual heat-pipes on the CPU's
side and 4 individual heat-pipes on the graphics chips side.
And two hi-flow fans intelligently turn on to rapidly transfer
heat in the piping away from the thermal zones only when
necessary, minimising noise pollution and decreasing
thermal retention. The result is a cooling system that is not
only robust, but incredibly optimised for the very fastest
heat extraction, ensuring the CPU and Graphics card are
operating at the very best thermal levels at all times.
Every aspect of the Prime P750DM has been designed to deliver power and
performance. From the extreme desktop processor to the audio reproduction,
power and performance is at the centre of delivering an immersive experience.
Not only does the P750DM's state-of-the-art custom Onkyo speakers take
immersion to a whole new level, they have been designed in conjunction with
Onkyo's sound-engineers to take maximise every millimetre of space. So that
every sound comes through with remarkable dynamic range and phenomenal bass
response. In addition, the built-in certified Soundblaster X-Fi software enables you
to create a sound spectrum that is tailored to your exact preferences, so that you
can get the very most out of every sound.
Boosted Headphone Sockets
Intensify your audio experience with the Prime
P750DM's amplified headphone socket. It
boosts regular audio by up to 35% through a
dedicated power unit that drives more power
to your headphones. So that you can enjoy
every sound with more bass and a greater
dynamic range.
The Prime P750DM integrates a state-of-the-art fingerprint sensor that precisely captures the biometric template of the unique pattern in your
fingerprint. This template is then stored in a secured vault inside the Biometric Software that is matched specifically to your fingerprint. So
every time you log into Windows, rather than typing out a long and arduous password, you can simply swipe your fingerprint for a quick
and secure login.
When we designed the Prime P750DM, storage was a key element in transforming
it into a true mobile desktop. Despite already packing such a remarkable amount of
hardware, the high powered P750DM manages to fit an amazing 4 separate super-
fast SATA 3, 6Gb/s (1 x PCI-e) storage bays. When you pack such a wide array
of drives into an individual laptop the results are outstanding. Not only are there
countless combinations of storage configurations, you can also control precisely
how your data is stored and what exact type of drives you want them stored on.
The power is in the ability to tailor a configuration specifically to your needs. So
whether it's 4 super-fast Solid State Drives (SSD) or massive multi-terrabyte
configurations, the choice is entirely up to you.
We have been at the forefront of tech-innovation for more than a decade.
And it's not just producing incredibly high-powered laptops that makes
our products so special. From the very beginning, the one pivotal element
of our brand that really made it possible for us to share our vision of
innovation, was in our ability to offer a truly customised solution. One that
enabled our users to have complete control over how they wanted their
laptops to function and perform. And it's through this concept that we
developed a customisation system where customers can personalise every
important component on their Metabox. Whether it's the RAM, Hard Drives,
Display, Processor, Optical Drive, Wireless Card or even the Operating
System, every aspect has been considered. Because when a laptop is
this advanced, we want you to experience it the way it is intended. An
incredibly optimised and distinctly personalised experience.
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